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7 ways marijuana affects the body and brain

Rate this article and enter to winTalking about marijuana can be a little complicated. More and more states are legalizing it for medical and recreational use, so it’s less taboo than it once was—but...

When is marijuana use a problem? And why that’s hard to answer

Rate this article and enter to winThis content was developed with extensive input from the Professional Advisory Board of Student Health 101, which includes two physicians and 12 campus health educators and related specialists.As...

Ask the doc: January 2016

“Is marijuana really better for our health than cigarettes are?”—Kristina M.*, Western Illinois University (*name changed)To be clear: We’re comparing two unhealthy behaviors. People are more likely to maintain their health if they don’t...
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Up in smoke: Marijuana laws and why they matter

Rate this article and enter to winWhat is marijuana legalization to you? Is it largely a health issue, a criminal matter, or a question of personal choice? Is medical marijuana a miracle or a...